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Many years ago financial planning was an obscure term. Pension plans were prevalent, now many are struggling and underfunded and are going away. Today individuals have to provide and manage their own retirement with a variable outcome. You could get 4% bank insured savings, now to get 4% you have to accept far more risk. College is now a necessity. Advances in health care and longevity in life expectancy have added more complexities to an uncertain future. The good news is that financial planning can help.

I am a financial planner that is compensated on an hourly basis and I do not receive commissions from my recommendations. This means you can have confidence that I am working for you and have your interests at heart. With more than 30 years experience in the field, I can help you to overcome procrastination, clarify your goals, and take steps to achieve them.

For those of you that have a plan, I can provide a check up to make sure your bases are covered. For the rest of you, I can help you overcome obstacles by providing assistance, guidance and motivation. I can show you where to start, sort through the myriad of information overload, and guide you to accomplish the tasks at hand. I will essentially be your personal financial trainer. Together, you and I will draft a plan. I will provide the scheduling, make assignments, and guide you through our process. Still, you will remain the general editor of your plan. On your part there is significant work involved and perhaps some tough decisions, but once you cross that finish line there is a major feeling of accomplishment.