Free Goals Assessment

The purpose of the goal assessment questionnaire is to determine extent of financial planning you need. You can submit this questionnaire online or you can manually take it off line and call Thomas Bustamante to discuss the benefits of financial planning.

Please answer the following questions so we can be better prepared to work with you.

Are you a New Mexico resident?

Question 1

Estate Planning - Life Insurance Protection – Business Succession

If you were to die today, what would your family or survivors situation be?

Question 2

Budgeting – Investments – Risk Protection – Savings

Do you have a handle on your cash flow, investments (including retirement) and a plan to deal with emergencies?

Question 3

Pursuing a Dream – Retirement – Debt Management

How do you feel about your future?

Question 4

Family Support – Education – Charity

Are there individuals and/or interests you want or need to support?

Question 5

Life Changes – Starting a Business or Career Change – Education

Are there changes in your life that you would like to pursue or for which you need to prepare?

Please do not include any financial information or other sensitive materials.

0-2 : You are in great financial shape. Only minor planning adjustments may be needed.
3-6 : Your financial situation is in place in many areas, however specific areas need to be addressed.
7-10 : A comprehensive plan would be beneficial.

If you are an non-New Mexico resident, BFP must review your state regulations prior to providing advice. Please send complete "contact me" information so that we can review your state securities regulations.

Please do not include any financial information or other sensitive materials.