Financial Solutions

Where to Start

Call Us - You call Thomas Bustamante, CFP® at 505.231.4607 to discuss your financial situation.  Thomas will evaluate your situation and offer suggestion that may be included in the PDFs provided on the left.  This may be all you need to resolve your situation.

Set Up an Appointment - Many individuals find they need further assistance.  BFP will provide complimentary in-person consultation to help you define, articulate and prioritize your goals. 

Determining the Need for Further Services – Occasionally solutions will surface during the free complimentary services.   However many or our clients need a financial trainer, similar to a fitness trainer.  Like a fitness trainer, they will provide the motivation, knowledge and follow-up to help their client achieve their financial goals.  You and will then work on the blueprint on how to achieve your financial goals.

Engagement – At this time we discuss the fees, the Client Service Agreement and the time frame to complete the financial plan.